Fort Wayne's rivers are always giving back – centuries ago, they provided drinking water and transportation to Native Americans and early settlers; by the early 1800s, these rivers helped Fort Wayne grow by moving goods and people in and out of the region. Today, hundreds of thousands of residents rely on our rivers for fresh drinking water.

The rivers give us so much — but what are we doing to PROTECT them?


marker 188Fort Wayne and other communities are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to reduce water pollution, but it takes everyone to restore our rivers to their full potential. You can help --get the facts about river water quality, put trash in its place, pick up your pet's waste, "green" your lawncare, plant a rain garden, help mark storm drains, participate in a river clean-up day, take a boat ride, or join a watershed protection group.




 storm drain

Did you know that stormwater runoff is a major source of water pollution because of the chemicals and bacteria that it picks up and carries with it? When rain falls or snow melts, most of the runoff goes directly to a pond, ditch, stream or river with no treatment at all. Find out more about what you can do to help minimize pollution from stormwater runoff.