Old Fort and Headwaters Park Bank Stabilization Project - The projects address erosion, invasive plant species, and create riparian buffers necessary to improve water quality and user experience of those enjoying our rivers. Get the latest news here.


Phase 1 Development - Phase I is underway! In June 2016, Riverworks Design Group unveiled the schematic designs for the first phase. Work will now begin to develop detailed construction and engineering documents, which will lead to construction, possibly beginning in 2017. Get the latest news here.


Activities and Entertainment - In 2015, Riverfront Fort Wayne hired a programming and events coordinator. Since then, dozens of activities have taken place along our downtown riverfront and dozens more are planned. Check out the full listing here.


Riparian Management Plan - A comprehensive Riparian Management Plan was completed and is now being implemented by the City's Parks & Recreation Department. Efforts will involve ensuring that all vegetation clearing, replanting and maintenance is performed in a manner that is both beneficial and sustainable.